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Jim and Peri's Blogs of October 2006
The Learning Practical Turkish Website

Tüm erkek giyim markası fırsatları için tıklayın !

October 30, 2006

Blog »
Tax Relief for Ex-Patriots in Turkey...

The details of the value added tax relief article that appeared in the Ekonomi Section of Hürriyet Gazetesi the other day were a bit skimpy. And one word in particular (misyon) needs to be better defined before we break out our party hats. But, if the article is anywhere near the mark...then come 1 January 2007, there's tax relief coming to Americans, Brits and all other foreign nationals living in Turkey...

Continue reading "New tax exemption for foreigners living in Turkey"...»

October 25, 2006

Blog »
LPT's Broadband Edition 10.6 -- Details!

The Latest Edition includes:
  • Sixteen New Voice Recordings for the
    700 Club of Essential Turkish Language
  • Six New Voice Recordings for
    Turkish Terms of Endearment
  • Pamukkale -- a beautiful new Can AKIN Multimedia Production
  • Updates to the Acronyms and Abbreviations, Who's Who in Turkey, and Table of Contents pages -- plus a new 'poster-sized Free Kick' from model Nilay Dorsa!

    Continue reading "Welcome back to Broadband "...»

  • October 24, 2006

    Blog »
    Girl Fight!
    Hülya Avşar gets a (well-deserved?) bashing, Part 2

    The well-respected (and usually liberal-minded) female newspaper columnist Ayşe Arman led off her anti-Avşar column in late September saying, "I don't descend to Hülya Avşar's low class... Her mouth-zipper is broken!" Arman added, "Hülya Hanım should stick to what she's good at...beauty, acting, singing, entertaining -- and being cute. But apart from such light-weight subjects...then I say, 'Hülya... Keep away, woman!'"

    Continue reading "Newspaper Columnist 'takes the gloves off' against
    Beauty and Entertainment Queen"...»

    October 20, 2006

    Blog »
    Türkiye -- A Gay Haven? -- Part 2

    The LBGTTs planned to meet first on August 6th to draft a press-release concerning 'Gay Rights' and then to parade-walk through town center. Both activities were to be very decorous affairs. There'd be no 'wild and crazy' US or European-style festival-like shenanigans. This wasn't super-tolerant San Francisco or Berlin -- or even Istanbul or Ankara for that matter. This was Bursa...

    Continue reading "The Darker Side of Modern-day 'Gay' Life in Turkey"...»

    October 18, 2006

    Blog »
    An offer Tarkan couldn't refuse?

    Pop Music King Tarkan has confirmed that he will perform his song and dance act in Paris during post-Ramazan/Ramadan Bayram just as he had originally planned... despite the French Parliament's passage last Thursday of an anti-Turkish Bill that makes it a crime to deny the so-called Armenian genocide, in speech or print. Though he couldn't have missed the public outcry against the French Parliament's action, Tarkan was perfectly calm when he was interviewed...

    Continue reading "How much will Turkish pop music fans take?"...»

    October 16, 2006

    Blog »
    Bittersweet Award -- Orhan Pamuk Wins 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature

    "One has to say congratulations, naturally. But it's astonishing because he's not reached maturity as a writer yet. Coming this way, the award looks disturbingly like a political statement, not a literary one. And because it was announced on the same day, at nearly the same time as the passage of the so-called Armenian Genocide Law in France... Well, it's a very unfortunate coincidence."

    Continue reading "Nobel Prize for Correct Politics or Literary Talent?"...»

    October 14, 2006

    Blog »
    Turkish Alcohol Drinks -- Rakı's Story

    It's said that you never forget where, when, and with whom you sipped your first glass of rakı -- Turkey's alcoholic beverage of tradition and choice. Its anise aroma and flavor are reminiscent of French cafes along the Champs Élysées where Pernod, Ricard and Pastis still flow -- but its history is a good deal older...

    Continue reading "The 'Lion's Milk' of Turkey"...»

    October 13, 2006

    Blog »
    Freedom of Speech gets a fiendish French Twist

    The French Parliament voted yesterday to make it a crime [punishable by one year in prison and a fine of up to 45,000 euros (57,000 dollars] to deny the so-called Armenian genocide, in speech or print.

    So... before the language Gendarmes start capping free speech and burning books in your locale...

    Continue reading "Where are Asterix and Obelix when we really need them? "...»

    October 12, 2006

    Blog »
    Sweet Georgia Brown's Favorite Sons Return To Turkey Next Month

    "Basketball" is the easy answer to the question, "What's the #2 favorite sport of Turkey." (See our blog at football-association--006-05-10.html if you have any doubt about the #1 favorite.) So, the Sport Salon should be packed when basketball's most famous show team, the Harlem Globetrotters (Harlem Gezginleri), begin strutting their stuff to 'Sweet Georgia Brown' again next month in Izmir. The 'shoot-off' begins at...

    Continue reading "Harlem Globetrotters Return to Turkey in November after 17 years"...»

    October 9, 2006

    Blog »
    How religiously-symbolic headgear for women will affect Turkish Presidential politics in 2007

    PM Erdoğan's ascension to the Turkish Presidency in 2007 would be an historic achievement for the devout Muslim and his Islamic party. But, as Editor Rahmi Turan pointed out, there are negative rumblings within the PM's own ranks...

    [Paraphrased Quote: Rahmi Turan]
    Mehmet Şevki Eygi (who is one of the most effective Islamic-sector newspaper columnists) recently wrote: "The new President's wife must not wear the religiously-symbolic head-covers in public"...

    Continue reading "Religiously-symbolic Head-covers and Turkish Politics -- Oil and Water? "...»

    October 7, 2006

    Blog »
    Hülya Avşar gets a (well-deserved?) bashing...

    Our mama always told us that 'familiarity breeds contempt'... And it's exactly that truism that has drawn Hülya Avşar, over the past several months, into a blossoming controversy -- for which she is largely to blame. It actually started understandably enough when...

    Continue reading "Hülya Stumbles. Will she fall?"...»

    October 6, 2006

    Blog »
    Become A Police Officer in the UK...and learn Turkish too?

    The UK police force wants its native-English-speaking police officers to become more effective against religous fanatics who attempt to gain credibility among Turks living in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. So...

    Continue reading "Coppers need Turkish too "...»

    October 1, 2006

    Blog »
    Turkish Pop Music Stars -- are hitting the jackpot!

    Turkish Pop Stars are in big demand for the post-Ramazan bayram holiday. And a competition has developed among luxury-hotel owners to see who can secure the services of the most-famous of the super-famous entertainers -- causing a bidding war...

    Continue reading "Which entertainers will be paid the highest fees for the least amount of work? "...»

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