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Jim and Peri's Blogs of August 2006
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Tüm erkek giyim markası fırsatları için tıklayın !

August 29, 2006

Blog »
Romance, Love, and Sex Matters in Turkey #1

There's a new Turkish website in town which, among other things, exhibits the confessions of (and provides personal advice and counsel to) unfaithful Turkish lovers. The Aldatanlar Kulubu (Club of Unfaithful Lovers) got started just a few months ago with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek -- and, up to a point, that's the way it continues to portray itself...

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August 26, 2006

Blog »
Troubles in Turkish Paradise -- from stinging jellyfish

100s of thousands of Portuguese Man-of-War-like jellyfish have overrun the coast of Datça and entered Gökova Körfez (Gökova Bay) from the open sea, creating a serious problem for Marmaris -- and even posing a threat to Bodrum...

Continue reading "Aegean Seaside Alert"...»

August 22, 2006

Blog »
100 Children's Books Get An Islamic Makeover

Radikal Gazetesi reported yesterday that the State Education Ministry (under direction of the AKP religious-right government) has negotiated the publication of 100 'essential' children's literary works of Western Literature -- which, while being translated into Turkish, are also being Islam-itized...

Continue reading "Ready for the 2006 school year"...»

August 21, 2006

Blog »
A Wide Ranging Statistical Survey of the Turkish People -- newly discovered

We were searching our resort-city files the other day for home owners insurance policy-holders near us -- when we ran across this informative statistical survey from January 2002. And while it is quite dated in many respects, in other respects it's hardly dated at all...

Continue reading "From Home Owners Insurance to Home Computers"...»

August 18, 2006

Blog »
No Comment #4 -- Novelty Wedding Invitations

Novelty wedding invitations printed on cardboard-containers that resemble medicine boxes are gaining in popularity in Turkish society. In recent days, the variety of these novelty invitations has been steadily growing. And every attempt is being made to make them look medically realistic...

Continue reading "Marriage announcement in a medicine box"...»

August 16, 2006

Blog »
Guide to Turkish Ice Cream -- A Quickie

If you happen to be in Kayseri between 15 and 25 August, you may want to stop in at the Kesme Dondurma Shop and get yourself a couple of large scoops -- or more... That's not only because it's good stuff but also because the owner is packing her ice cream with real gold....

Continue reading "Ice Cream-lovers Alert"...»

August 16, 2006

Blog »
Circumcision Monologues #3 -- of runners (and climbers)

A majority of traditional Turkish parents still wait until their boys are 'ready to pass into manhood' (usually when they are between the ages of 6 and 9) before subjecting them to the Sünnet Circumcision Ceremony. And if there's any doubt in your mind just how frightening it must be for such boys -- as their fateful 'day of reckoning' approaches -- then just consider what happened last weekend in Erzurum province...

Continue reading "The Boys of Erzurum -- make a run for it"...»

August 14, 2006

Blog »
The History of Cinema in Turkey #1

The Turkish cinematic age had its innocent start at Ottoman Sultan Abdulhammid's Yildiz Palace in Istanbul in 1896, with the screening of a film whose name goes unrecorded. It must have been tremendously popular though, and in the very next year Sigmund Weinberger, an Hungarian lawyer turned film-buff, wowed Istanbul crowds with foreign film showings in Beyoğlu and Sehzadebaşı. Just 17 years later (in 1914), fledgling Turkish director Fuat Uzkınay debuted the very first Turkish Film, a documentary...

Continue reading "Roots"...»

August 12, 2006

Blog »
Internet Survival Kit --
Essential Turkish Links (unrelated to language learning)

Our friend and benefactor Steven C. sent us a message from an Internet Cafe somewhere last Saturday -- with an urgent request.
His message read,
"Hi Jim and Peri,
I hope that you can help with this. I am trying to send some flowers to my sister-in-law's wedding party in Zonguldak..."

Continue reading "Turkish Internet links that are sure to please"...»

August 8, 2006

Blog »
Guide to Turkish Ice Cream, Part 3

Because of its sinewy texture, Maraş Ice Cream (which is nicknamed after the southern central province of Turkey where it was born) is frequently hung on meat hooks when it is first prepared -- in the ice cream parlours of its 'home town'. And, customer orders are filled using a butcher knife -- and a full-measured whack that results in a generous chunk of the 'cold and delicious'... which the customer then eats with a sharp knife and fork!...

Continue reading "The 'cold and delicious' of Kahramanmaraş "...»

August 6, 2006

Blog »
Internet Survival Kit --
Turkish ADSL Chronicles # 2

That inexplicable Dial-up Service phone bill we received in July 2005 (which burned us for more than $150) was painful. But if we were to ensure that we didn't get another one just like it the following month, we had to become operational with the (fixed-monthly-fee) ADSL Service ASAP....

Continue reading "Of ADSL Modems -- and Ramazan Bey"...»

August 3, 2006

Blog »
LPT's Broadband Edition 10.5

Get started learning Turkish in the next 30 minutes via your High-speed Broadband connection. Download the entire language-learning content of our commercial-free CD directly to your computer -- in just half an hour (at 118kb/sec)!

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