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May 31, 2006

Blog »
Zeki Müren -- A Salute to the 'Past Master'

Whether you favor Turkish Music in the arabesque, pop, or Sanat-Art musical style, these are some of the biggest names of the Turkish Music scene of any era...

Continue reading "A Musical Tribute to Zeki Muren"...»

May 28, 2006

Blog »
The Circumcision Monologues - Part 2, Illustrated!

The last circumcision ceremony I attended was for the son (Celal, aged 7 at the time) of our friend Nevzat. By chance, my own son Jamie (who was visiting from London at the time) attended with me...

Continue reading "Turkish Circumcision Ceremony"...»

May 27, 2006

Blog »
The Circumcision Monologues - Part 1

...there's a curious belief that is still held by many Turks -- about Christians and Westerners. It's the belief that none of us males are circumcised. ..

Continue reading "What many Turks believe about Westerners"...»

May 25, 2006

Blog »
A Turkish Natural Beauty -- Hülya Avşar

Who's still the prettiest woman in Turkey? Well the votes are in -- and according to the Sonar Research Company, it was never really a fair beauty fight. Hülya Avşar ran away with first-place in the 'Pretty Poll' with 14.05% of the vote, in distant second-place was...

Continue reading "Still the prettiest woman in Turkish show-biz"...»

May 23, 2006

Blog »
Foreign Language Dictionaries --
the best and the worst

A native Turkish-language site visitor, studying English as a foreign language in the UK, indicated his personal preference for the Redhouse Dictionaries -- the Büyük El Sözlüğü in particular. But then, to our surprise, he told us that his foreign-language examiner thought the Redhouse Dictionaries too Americanized. That rang my bell...

Continue reading "The best and the worst"...»

May 21, 2006

Blog »
Steering Clear of Politics and Religion, this time...

Two weeks ago, we advised that you "not talk about religion, politics... at this particular time, Whichever side you support might be the opposite side of the person you're talking to, or the person who overhears the conversation."
In keeping with that sound advice...

Continue reading "Practicing what we preach"...»

May 19, 2006

Blog »
Cartooning, cartoonists, and funny cartoons

Many of you already know how Peri and I like the Turkish cartoon-humor of 'Maganda' (The Lout), the cartoon-strip that we first found in Gözcü Gazetesi 6 or 7 years ago. We've appreciated the cartoon-series on multiple levels...

Continue reading "Good for language-point illustrations... and just plain funny "...»

May 17, 2006

Blog »
The Devaluation of the Turkish Lira, May 2006

No one used use to consider the steady process of Inflation (as suffered by the Turkish Lira of old) as 'Devaluation'. But what do you consider a 15% inflation in just 8 work days? Because that's what just happened to the New Turkish Lira -- as its value fell from about...

Continue reading "Inflation/Devaluation -- What's in it for you?"...»

May 16, 2006

Blog »
Our Twice-Failed Adventure in Dog-Naming

We received an email request last week that was so similar to one we received in 1997 that it made us do a double take. Basically, they both asked for translation help relating to the exact same question -- about what to name a Turkish dog...

Continue reading "Name that Dog!"...»

May 14, 2006

Blog »
Two Favorites -- of Turkish Cultural Tradition

We were watching an old Ahu Tuğba movie yesterday on the SinemaTürk Channel of DigiTurk (our satellite TV provider), and in the space of less than 90 seconds we saw two of our favorite Turkish traditions enacted. In the first one...

Continue reading "Traditions of the Culture"...»

May 12, 2006

Blog »
The Rise and Fall of 'The Gümüldür RugRats'

We formed a softball (rounders) kids-team the second full summer we were here. Called it the Gümüldür RugRats. This pleasant little amusement lasted almost three full summer seasons...

Continue reading "We say softball...You say rounders"...»

May 11, 2006

Blog »
Good Cultural Behaviour

Cultural Tip #2 -- Treat everyone you meet with the same amount of respect. When you first meet "him", the town leader may be dressed like and look like a bum...

Continue reading "5 things you should do in Turkey"...»

May 10, 2006

Blog »
Association Football -- our least favorite sport

It pits enormously talented, superbly trained, embarassingly rich super-athletes against one another for a full 90-minutes, in an acrobatic struggle of titans -- which routinely ends in a tie/draw. It makes us weak in the knees just to think about it. And when you throw in the extra added detraction of...

Continue reading "Association Football -- Not!"...»

May 8, 2006

Blog »
Travel Tips for Insiders

Travel Tip #1 -- Don't bring your bone-crushing Wharton School of Business handshake with you. That's because ordinary Turks...

Continue reading "4 things you shouldn't do in Turkey"...»

May 7, 2006

Blog »
Death and Funeral Rites of Muslims

Funeral ceremonies occur as soon as possible the day after death. (They are usually public and simple -- but rich folk's funerals can be elaborate.)
On the morning of the funeral...

Continue reading "Islamic Funeral Ceremonies"...»

May 4, 2006

Blog »
Beauty Pageant Entertainment

Neither of us were intending to watch the 'Miss Turkey' Beauty Pageant last Monday night... that sort of thing isn't our cup of tea. But when we heard that a few of Turkey's most popular pop-stars -- Tarkan among them -- would be performing at intervals between beauty contest segments, we were curious. So, at "Show Time" we switched to the STAR TV channel...

Continue reading "Even Tarkan sang and danced"...»

May 3, 2006

Blog »
Mothers Day Salutations

Whatever real cultural differences there may be among places like Ankara, Montreal, Tulsa, Dublin, Glasgow, Cardiff, London, Auckland, Brisbane, etc., they all share one thing in common -- the celebration of Mother's Day. But in Ankara, sons and daughters can make a mother smile in 3 different ways......

Continue reading "Three ways to make a mother smile in Ankara"...»

May 2, 2006

Blog »
Our Internet Site Links

After 4 months of experimentation, the online links are working so well that our offline CD/Books sales have slumped. And our Google 'click' revenue has tanked. The links improvement appears to have killed CD-buyer and Google ad-click incentives...

Continue reading "Shot in the foot"...»

May 1, 2006

Blog »
Mature Foreign Bride To-Be from Britain

Maybe you've already heard the old (and mean-spirited) French joke that, "It's not possible to tell the difference between a corpse and a British-girl making love"... But when I lived and worked in Britain back in my salad-days, it didn't take long for me to realize...

Continue reading "What happened when 'Our Jen' met the youngblood, Ibo?"...»

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