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A young woman of beauty, Merve Büyüksaraç -- Miss Turkey 2006
Famous Turk...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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A Turkish Natural Beauty
Hülya Avşar

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm diğer müzik fırsatları için tıklayın !

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Hülya Avşar --
still cutting the mustard at 44...
A woman of beauty -- Hülya Avşar

Still the prettiest woman in Turkish show-biz --
Hülya Avşar tops Pretty Woman Poll

You can forget about this year's Miss Turkey Beauty Contest winner...
(Remember the tall pretty-faced brunette with skinny legs? If not, see the clickable image in the upper left corner of this page.) She's already yesterday's beauty news.

Who's still the prettiest woman in Turkey? Well the votes are in -- and according to the Sonar Research Company, it was never really a fair beauty fight. Hülya Avşar ran away with first-place in the 'Pretty Poll' with 14.05% of the vote, in distant second-place was Petek Dinçöz (see below) with a 5.6% vote count, Arzum Onan and Gülben Ergen tied for 3rd with 4.14%, Türkan Şoray came 4th at 3.4%, Azra Akın was next with 3.11% -- and none of the many other contestants managed to reach the 1% voting cutoff point.
Hülya --
in her prime
A young beauty -- Hülay Avşar

And she's not just a pretty face either...Because Hülya sings, dances, acts, hosts her own variety show, publishes a namesake magazine -- and routinely wins awards for all of them! Many in Turkey believe she is beyond peer.

But Hülya is not without her detractors. Now a 'woman of a certain age' herself, she got a hail of criticism last year from competing younger beauties when she exposed her 44-year-old bikinied body to paparazzi while she was lounging around on the deck of her rented yacht in the Bodrum marina. (See one of the photos that upset the beauty critics, above).

And she's had an ongoing feud with Gülben Ergen for years, all because they once released music albums on the same date. Add to that Hülya's free-spirited 'freekick' (frikik) antics (that other 'women of beauty' find appalling), and her recently failed marriage due to husband Kaya's pretty-womanizing ways -- and you can see that she provides plenty of fodder for gossipy critics. But so far, at least, she seems immune to their brickbats... as her fans in the general public continue to adore her, as always.

Could such a naturally pretty woman steer adoring fans wrong?

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Petek Dinçöz --
Only enough woman's beauty for
a distant second-place...
Another woman of beauty -- Petek Dinçöz, in period gypsy costume

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