Summer Sex Matters in Turkey
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Identify this famous
Turkish.Summer.Sex.Matters Film-Star

Famous Turks Series...Levent Günsel, starred opposite Zerrin Doğan in Turkey's first 'Gloves-Off Porn' film, 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' (A Woman Like That) in 1979
Famous Türk Picture Series
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Summer Sex Matters in Turkey
The Swinging Beachcomber's Guide to
Summer Romance in Turkey

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Summer Beach Holidays in Turkey

Romantic Summer Holiday Vacations -- King of the Beach
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Thanks to the
Plaj Çapkının El Kitabı,
a 'boxer' book...
May 2007
A Practical Turkish-language Phrasebook with
Behavioral Tips and Beach Venue Suggestions
for your romantic beach holiday in Turkey this year

According to
Boxer Magazine's
Plaj Çapkının El Kitabı
(The Swinging Beachcomber's Handbook)

According to
Plaj Çapkının El Kitabı...

Men should wear boxer-style bathing suits
if they want to avoid being identified as being Gay --
or German!

With the Turkish summer holiday season upon us, can summer love be far behind? Well of course not, Bubba (and Bubbette)! So, it's time to update your summer vacation vocabulary and beach rules-of-behavior -- for the world famous coastal venues of Turkey.

Beachcomber's Essential Turkish Phrasebook
Let's start first with a few unisex introductory 'pickup lines' for the beach...

  • Merhaba. Naber?
    (Naber is a contraction of Ne haber?)
    (mare-hah-bah. nah-bare?)
    Hello. What's happening?
  • Bu şezlong boş mu acaba?
    (boo shez-long bosh moo ah-jah-bah?)
    I wonder...Is this lounge chair empty?
  • İsmim Robert/Danielle. Seninki ne?
    (ees-meem Robert/Danielle. seh-neen-kee neh?)
    My name is Robert/Danielle. What's yours?
  • Sizinle tanışmış mıydık?
    (seez-een-leh tah-nihsh-mihsh mihy-dihk?)
    Have we met before?
    This Beachcomber's
    swim-suit shape says,
    "I'm neither Gay nor German."
    His swim suit says I'm neither gay nor German
    Click for enlargement!
    Turkish Beach Holiday Etiquette
    Behavioral do's and don'ts
  • Don't let your head become a radar beacon, tracking every passing hard body -- male or female. You'll look childish, or worse...desperate. Always give the impression during your holiday/vacation in Turkey that your 'rest and relaxation' takes precedence over your interest in 'intimate relations'.
  • Avoid people with 'proclamation' T-shirts, sandals, towels, etc. that contain messages and slogans like: 'Malibu', 'Rakı is the Answer', 'Bira göbeğin altında' (There's beer in this belly), 'Şahin K forever', 'Herkez Komando Olamaz' (Not everyone can be a Commando). If you use a towel proclaiming 'I love Bodrum', it signifies an immaturity that will attract riffraff. The guy above left is wearing the right swimsuit shape but he's pushing his luck with the textual design.

    Cool Turkish Beach Venues of 2007

  • In Bodrum --
    Xuma Beach at Yalıkavak (Telephone 0-252-385-4775)
    Xuma Beach is located in a cove of warm water. Homeowners host the best nighttime beach parties in Turkey.
  • In Ceşme --
    Seaside Beach Club at Alaçatı (0-232-716-9899)
    Ceşme's first beach club, the 'Seaside' still maintains its popular reputation. There are three restaurants within; they each feature Turkish and foreign entertainers.
  • In Antalya --
    Pine Beach Club at Bellek (0-242-715-2525)
    Located at the edge of a beautiful pine forest next to an orange grove, this club's fine-sandy beach is a major attraction.
  • In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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